After last weeks full blood transfusion Charlotte had a spring in her step and sweet rosy cheeks, once more. However, her bloods were not at safe enough levels to operate and only just good enough for round 22 of chemo. So, Charlotte and I went to SCH on Tuesday for four days of chemo, Rod went to Melbourne for a course and Madeleine went to Nannys for indulgence. I am pretty certain that I was exhausted from packing everyones bags before we even got to hospital on Tuesday.


Charlotte was quite sick the first night and with a full ward there wasnt any real sleep. The next morning researchers were making their way through the ward to administer a survey of parents whose children have cancer and are on long-term treatment. I think they entitled it Sleep Study  enormously optimistic  what sleep? was my thought!? By the time Charlotte had finished chemo and was on post-hydration she spiked a fever and was also neutropeonic. (Neutrophils make up 50-70% of white blood cells  neutropenic means she had none!) So, our four day stay was extended. She is still in hospital, Rod came back from Melbourne on Thursday night earlier than expected and gave me a break. Today, he is having a play day at Coogee with Madeleine. We are hoping to be out of hospital on Sunday afternoon which is all dependent on Charlottes temperature and bloods. If she can recover by Friday she will have the operation for the shunt then. That is still quite tenuous.


Despite having very poor bloods Charlie is still great. She cruises around the ward after chemo is finished talking to everyone, playing with all the toys and loves driving her favourite red car (whilst attached to the drip!) On Thursday morning there were no eggs on the breakfast tray, at which Charlotte exclaimed: No eggs, Jose, not fair! Jose brings breakfast around (Charlotte loves him) and our protein addicted child was obviously having another craving. Everyone was hysterical and Jose felt dreadful! She is quite a cheeky character.


Love to all,


Beck and Rod xo


P.S.  Six more round to go  1  cycles!!!!!!!!!!!