Just a quick update.

After being home for a day and a half Charlie's temp spiked meaning she had to go back in Monday evening, and was subsequently given antibiotics. I have just bought her home today(Friday). Remarkably all her levels have risen considerably and would normally be in the range for an operation. However the surgeons wanted to see how her body went with no antibiotics, the op is now on Tuesday!


Finally, during this last hospital stay, Beck was able to speak with the Neurosurgeon, Erica, about the operation. After a number of concerns and numerous discussions, there is another procedure that is similar but less complicated than implanting a shunt. The other option alleviates the issue of potentially transferring the cancerous cells from the CNS to the rest of the body and has a lower chance of infection. Hence, Beck and I feel somewhat better about the procedure and are a little perplexed as to why this option was not suggested earlier?


Beck and I have reached new levels of exhaustion, our patience and ability to deal with even the smallest issues seems/feels compromised, mainly due to sleep deprivation and hospitalitis. But hey no body said it was going to be easy.


Until next time,


Rod, Beck, Madeleine & Charlie