Charlotte came home from hospital last Saturday afternoon after round 24 of chemo. It was a long and tough round for her. She was quite nauseated and very tired, once home. She has been out of hospital almost a week now and, although quite pale, is doing well. Having had a four week break from chemo (prior to her previous round) Charlotte had grown a sheath of blonde/brown hair. In fact, when we returned to hospital for this round the nurses couldn’t recognise her. But just a week later she has almost no hair left and is looking like a very big baby, once again.

She has been doing very well back at home. Her tremour from the operations/chemo has ceased and she is far less clingy. Not to draw on shameless advertising but the Fisher Price; “Play, Laugh, Grow” slogan is really very true of young children. We were warned of the many side effects of chemo prior to starting and the subsequent developmental/cognitive issues associated with long and frequent stays in hospital. Charlotte certainly makes up for what she misses in hospital but it is certainly noticeable that regular and uninhibited play at home promotes happiness and growth. She continues to embrace the two’s!

Rod and I have finally caught up since having a few more days at home and the warmer weather sure helps the disposition. Rod is trying to exercise a little more for the Run4Fun which is on November 7. He will be a parent representative for the SCH Randwick and will be running along side staff, the Bondi Life Savers and others who will be raising money for all the children’s hospitals. Charlie might even get to participate in the pram! There is a website for the run if you are interested in contributing OR participating!!!!! Those who know me well know that I would have thought about running and then waited for the feeling to pass! My very unfit body is in desperate need of a regular cardio workout. Now uni. is finished I am considering Zumba in my living room or walking the Daisy Avenue hill!

Anyway, we have 4 ROUNDS OF CHEMO TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Round 25 is next Tuesday and if all goes well we will be out after the day. We are hopeful!

Until next week,

Beck and Rod xo