On Tuesday Charlotte completed round 25 and returned home the same day. It was only the fourth time she has finished chemo and returned home the same evening for that particular round of the cycle. So, we were very excited. When she arrived home, she ran in the door and declared; “I’m back!” I have never seen a kid so energetic after missing sleep and having chemo! When I picked her up and cuddled her I said: “guess what Charlie you only have 3 rounds of chemo left.” To which she replied; “Oh, no!!!!!!” We just chuckled. She is so enculturated. Needless to say we were thrilled by this decreasing number.

Charlotte has a few tests to complete before finishing the last few rounds of chemo due to the toxicity of the protocol. So hopefully she will be fine.

Thanks also for supporting the Run4Fun fundraiser for the Children’s Hospitals. Rod is feeling the pressure…I think some training might be needed!


Beck and Rod xo