Who doesn’t love a good whinge about Sydney’s weather! Well, thankfully Sunday was one of those glorious Spring days and the thousands who ventured out to run for charity enjoyed their day. Like the City2Surf the atmosphere was exuberant and the support shown to the hospitals was marvelous. Charlotte was so excited to be in the pram for the run with Rod that she ate breakfast, got dressed and wanted to leave the house immediately. The SCH team (The Bondi Life Savers, members from the Hospital foundation, friends, Professor Marshall, Rod and Charlotte) ran well, had a great morning and raised much needed funds. Thank you also to the Body Benefit crew and Cronulla Outriggers who also supported the event!

A special thanks to our friends, family and other parents from the hospital who all rang in support and/or donated to the event. We had a lovely day too!

Charlotte was supposed to have chemo tomorrow (Tuesday) however, there are no beds so chemo is now on Wednesday. She is looking a little pale and I would say that her platelets are quite low because she is sporting a number of bruises. It will be interesting to see what her bloods are like on Wednesday morning. Fingers crossedxxx.

There are some new pics from the race day on the photo page.

Thanks for your support and for continuing to read about Charlotte,

Beck and Rod xo