Charlotte and I had a reasonable night. She was exhausted after days of high temperatures (38-39.5 degrees) and fell asleep at 6.15pm whilst I was changing her nappy (arms up and hands behind her head!) She only woke when the nurses did her obs and fell quickly back to sleep after I whispered to her quietly that I was still near by. She still had temperatures on and off all day but was still quite alert and enjoyed the steady stream of visitors in the afternoon. In particularly, her bubble blowing Uncle and Aunties. She had two large sleeps during the day and was quite docile, which always worries me!

By 4.30pm we had to remove her central line dressing and clean the area to have a new plaster attached. She was hysterical and after 10 minutes of screaming she laid still in the cot sobbing as her Nanny stroked her. Her head was quite swollen and as I was leaving the hospital to get Madeleine she began throwing up. Concerned about her swelling, temperatures and vomiting she was given an emergency CT-scan at 9pm. With stronger antibiotics she stabilised overnight and the scan did not show any problems from the operation. They are waiting for some test results but think that she might have a bug! Just what you need after brain surgery!

So, she is in isolation no movement in, out or around the ward. Let’s hope that this passes quickly.

A huge thanks to the Qantas guys for the wonderful head shaving fundraiser. Jon Waide Romper Stomper, you have some explaining to do to your children when they are older! We are most grateful for your generosity and assistance. I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather. We live in the most amazing city in the world enjoy!


Beck and Rod xxoo

PS Thanks to Jo and Luke for the amazing pastries from The Sweet Spot Patisserie, Randwick

PPS Some new photos in the gallery

PPSS Happy 5th Birthday Luke!

PPSS and the rest…. I was being facetious about Dave’s anniversary efforts!