After a tumultuous day of rigorous testing three blood tests for Kidney function via three different entry points on Charlie’s body, a cardiac echo, the removal of Charlotte’s central line and an audiology test - we were finally let out of C1 North on Friday night for weekend gate leave. It was the best 10th Wedding Anniversary present we could have asked for! It was the first time Rod and I had been home together in 40 days (somewhat Biblical proportions…) As I drove Charlotte home from the SCH it felt much like it did the first time you drive your first born home from the hospital. I kept checking she was alright, adjusted the car seat a thousand times and drove like Miss Daisy all the way to Daisy Avenue.

Charlotte waived to every person she passed as we left the hospital and she was so excited as we walked into the backyard. We have all felt quite strange being at home again. Charlotte is still finding her feet, Madeleine is trying to be gentle with her and Rod and I are just enjoying some calm and normality, even if only for two days. It is Rod’s birthday today and the girls and I have the balloons ready and breakfast made ….I am trying to keep them quiet so he can have some semblance of a sleep-in!

We return to the SCH on Monday morning. They will observe her before getting her ready for her operation on Tuesday. They are putting a portacath in so Charlotte can have her chemo administered through that port for the year. All things going well chemo will commence on Wednesday. Charlotte will be having a 14 day chemotherapy cycle for a year. This is an enormous undertaking and Rod and I are quite anxious about the year ahead. I will write about her chemotherapy protocol next week and explain a little of what she will be going through.

Anyway, the girls are getting frustrated with me and there is only so much Happy Birthday song preparation you can do whilst you are typing. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.


Beck and Rod xxoo