Well, it goes without saying that you can never have too many friends or say too many prayers. In our case we are eternally grateful. We are sorry that we don't reply to your messages but they are read with such gratitude and appreciation. Our family, work colleagues, past work colleagues, relatives (close and distant), friends interstate, overseas and next door; we thank God for you all everyday.


These past few days as we wait for the pathology have been marked by such positivity. We are enjoying Charlotte's daily improvements, despite the fact that her favourite words are "no more!". We have had some time to read medical journals and texts about CNS tumours and we are spending some much needed quality time with our Madeleine.


I had a good chat with the social worker, Katherine, on Friday afternoon and she gave me a marvelous book called; 'Parker's Brain Storm' to read to Madeleine and some good literature about childhood tumours and associated treatments. I have been whining for the past four years about not reading enough and here I am reading. Sadly, it is about tumours!


Charlotte and I had an horrific evening last night. She was tormented by regular obs and I was tortured by her central line monitor beeping every five minutes coupled with her her constant tears of overtiredness. At 3 am when I finally got to sleep, I too was nearly in tears. Luckily her temperature and sodium levels seem to be stable and I am hoping that Rod enjoys a better night's sleep than I did.


Charlotte played, enjoyed some visitors and rested quite well today.I seem to cope really well when I am in hospital but when I go home I have a sinking sadness that won't go away. I am not sure whether it is her empty room, the quietness of Daisy Avenue or the fact that Madeleine has no one to play with and boss around?????


Today, Madeleine and I had a girly day. Rod stayed with Charlotte whilst I took Madeleine shopping for a Doctor's Bag to give Charlotte. We had lunch together and I took Madeleine to the hairdresser for a much needed (two-week overdue) trim. Katrina (SG Hair, Penshurst) gave her star treatment which culminated in her braids being coated with fairy dust. I, unexpectedly got a quick massage, wash and blow dry too! We then went out for pizza (Gusto, next to the hairdresser) for a special Gusto pizza and gelato. It was a really lovely day all round.


Tomorrow is fun day with Dad. I have just packed the beach bag so that she and Rod can brave the sands of Coogee. Hopefully the weather fairs well! Rod and I are enjoying quiet moments with both the girls in anticipation of the pathology results,sometime soon. We are taking a breath, enjoying the rays of happiness and thanking God every day for the generosity of spirit that befalls us daily. Both, at the hospital and at home. Here's hoping that we always have the one in our arms, that is the one in our hearts.


Everyone seems to have had a good chuckle at Charlie, Miss World and the tiara-off! We did too!


Much love,


Beck and Rod xxoo