There have been many times since I have become a Mum that I have experienced that sheer joy that children bring and the enormous heartache that almost crushes you; I think Shakespeare hit it on the head when he coined the term “bitter sweet” BUT today was just one of those days when I was delighted for Charlotte and all of us. She is well, happy, energetic and doing the same, regular things that kids her age do – starting school! She was so excited to put her uniform on and have her photo taken. Madeleine was suitably proud of her little sister who has really come a long way!

I was feeling really great about the day ahead but sat down last night to read a copy of a letter written by Charlotte’s specialists to assist with gaining some Commonwealth funding for educational access issues – she has a few!!! When I read the letter I burst into tears, the first time in a long time! Reading through the enormity of her journey, even I found it hard to believe that she is where she is today. But as the saying goes; be greatful for the little things and there are many of those.

Charlotte’s Clinical Nurse consultant wrote a beautiful text last night as we were discussing the letter for funding and the day ahead: “A great day! I’’ll have to mark the occasion with you but with David Z and Erica J (Charlotte’s Oncologist and Neurosurgeon) over coffee at our scan meeting tomorrow where Charlie was shown many, many, many times in marvel!!!” We still have a long road ahead but we are always hopeful and grateful!


Beck and Rod xo