Charlotte had an MRI on Thursday and unfortunately she has relapsed. There is tumour growing on her frontal lobe. She is scheduled for a another scan on Thursday and surgery on the 16th. They need to ascertain whether the tumour has spread to her spinal cord and have another look at what they need to resect. We are devastated! It was hard enough the first time but this time I just feel so sad for Charlotte. We have come so far with her. She is doing really well at preschool, swimming and at home. We are so disappointed for her. She will also need a course of radiation following her surgery. This will be another long road for Charlie. She has some real anxieties about going to hospital and is extremely aware of what happens there, so this will be hard for her this time!

Rod has been promising to take her on a plane. It is something that we have not been able to really do because of treatment, time, her shunt, etc!!!! So, we are taking the girls up to the Gold Coast for a few days before she starts her journey at SC again. We haven't told Madeleine or Charlotte about the diagnosis yet so if you do see them please refrain from mentioning it until we have a chance to tell them both. This conversation will happen closer to Charlie's surgery. They really don't need to be concerned about such big things for longer than necessary.

Please keep Charlie in your prayers and thoughts,

Beck and Rod xo