We are always so grateful for the time we have at home with Charlotte. I have been a little teary today because it has been three years since Charlie was diagnosed with the tumour. It seems like yesterday but so much has transpired. She is doing really well - happy, super energetic, inquisitive and hard-work!!!!

We have OT and clinical psychology appointments each week and she is making good progress. But it is not without some ongoing and taxing issues at home. I have found the past year the hardest for a myriad of reasons. Most of them too difficult to express and every time I feel exhausted I just focus on what a sheer miracle it is that we still have our daughter.

There is not a day that goes by that we are not grateful for the immense support that we experienced. We will never forget the hospital visits, food made, the benefit for Charlie, phone calls, gifts, visits and most of all the empathy! We will never really be able to thank so many of you but please know that we do not forget and always remember your generosity.

It seems poignant that I am off to a Lifehouse cancer research fundraiser tonight; a fitting way to mark this anniversary! Charlotte's next scan is November. So, until then we pray for more peace and time out of hospital.


Beck and Rod xo