Charlotte had a good night. She slept soundly and her temperature had subsided. She ate Weet-bix, yoghurt, half a boiled egg and a bottle of milk. The nurses keep saying it's the steroids and I laugh because those who know her well know that there is a reason why she is such a chubs; and it's not the steroids. She just loves her food!


She spent the morning playing with lots of toys, most of which you have all sent to assist her recovery. So, thank you! I got my morning fruit salad from Uncle Dave and Charlotte slept like she use to from 9 - 10 am. It was shaping up to be a lovely, calm and happy day for our Charlie Bel.


The nurses removed the last of the canula's but she still has a central line attached for taking blood and administering drugs and antibiotics.

I call it her jewellery because she has three lines draping around her neck! Dad arrived after dropping Madeleine at preschool and shortly following his arrival were the whispers that Miss World ( Ksenia

Sukhinova- Russia) was coming to the ICU!  Rod's timing is amazing!


There was much commotion and many photographers...Miss World was adorned with a beautiful tiara and sash. Not wanting her to upstage our Charlie I found a silver tiara (care of Val and Vince) in her bucket of toys and gifts donated by many friends. Rod called Charlotte his Miss Galaxy! I suppose I am Miss Universe??? No, that's Madeleine. I guess I am just Ms Davies! Charlie smiled so beautifully with her tiara sparkling that soon the paparazzi were photographing Charlotte and Miss World was soon in the background (That's the way we saw it!!!) Some pictures are in the gallery. Charlotte was hysterical -  smiling each time a photographer called to her. The nurses thought she was hysterical too!


She had a baked dinner and milk and settled into a post-lunch sleep. Rod and I shared a meal together for the first time in ....well in a while.

We returned and she was talking to herself in the bed. The family all visited this afternoon and she was doing really well. However, her temperature is still making her feel quite exhausted, So, we are waiting for some test results to rule out infection, etc.


I gave Charlotte a manicure, pedicure and facial today. Her nails were like lethal weapons and there was just so much tape and the likes stuck to her face from surgery, it took some work. It was a spa day well overdue. Unfortunately, this all happened after the Miss World photo session. Sadly Charlie looked better than I did!( no make-up and four hours sleep)


All in all it was a lovely day with our little girl and we are so thankful for those moments, as you can imagine. Madeleine made sure that Charlotte was doing better today and when I had reassured her that Charlotte was making progress thought it would be suitable to take  few of her gifts to preschool tomorrow as news. (by the way was today but her mother totally forgot and thought it was tomorrow! I was so upset.

By the time she had got home Madeleine didn't seem to care!)


We have received more care packages, gifts for Charlotte, beautiful cards, emails, text messages and support again today. Thank you! A special thanks also to our family who are wonderful and we love you dearly.


 Much love,


Beck and Rod xxoo