Yes we are still waiting and trying to resist the frustration of no results, instead we are enjoying the time we have with Charlotte who has recovered exceptionally well. All the doctors and nurses are amazed with her progress.


We had a visit from Charlie's ICU nurse two days ago who was absolutely amazed to see her recovery. He said "we were given instructions to prepare for Charlotte's arrival from the operating table and were also told it is very possible she may not make it to the ICU, so to see her now smiling and eating her own food, that is why I love my job".


Even though this is far from over we are eternally grateful that we still have our Charlie as we know her. Regrettably there are kids in our ward who's operations have not been so successful.


As many of you know my tolerance for whingers has always been low, I hate to think what I will be like when this is over. I might have to give up personal training, lol.


I did have some good news today. Last week my I rang my mobile phone provider fearing I had blown out my limit, which I had by $200. I explained my situation to the most uncompassionate, lifeless, ignorant call centre operator, who along with his supervisor were as helpful as throwing a drowning man both ends of the rope. I was furious and spoke of the call to my sister who rang Ray Hadley the next day. Now a week later Crazy Johns rang back offering to clear this months excess and allow me to increase my cap plan, Thanks to all involved and my neighbors who so kindly went out and bought me a pre paid sim card.


I only just read the messages after a few day of not having done so, I am truly humbled by everyone's support.


Many thanks,


Rod, Beck Maddy and Charlie