It was a slow and hard 6 days. Charlotte is suffering more from para-influenza 3 than the chemo (well we think!?!) Her cough is keeping her awake and the regular obs in hospital have worn her down. Other than that, she is doing well at the moment. She managed, despite the flu, to have her second round of chemo and was only one day late. It was a longer and stronger dose this time round. She has lost some weight and we are missing our chubs!

We are back in hospital next Thursday (22nd) for bloods and clinic and if all is going well for Charlotte hopefully round three of chemo. It is great being home again. Charlotte loves roaming the place pulling the pantry apart, taking Madeleine’s toys and smearing food in places I didn’t think you could smear food! She is still a busy and happy little girl. Her appetite has depleted terribly and we struggle to find food that interests her. I think the blocked nose, sore throat and change in taste buds (chemo effects) are all contributing to the lack of appetite. However, she still loves her broccoli!

The nursing staff at C3 West were fantastic and we were spoilt with many home cooked meals delivered to hospital from our dear friends and family, so thank you! Rod and I are eating for Charlie! We hope that we can make it to next Thursday before we have to frequent SCH once more. Chris ran the half marathon in London at the weekend so I will let you know how he is feeling in my next post. Thanks Chris for organising your fundraising around Charlotte and Neuro-oncology.

We hope that the school holidays are going well for all and Happy Birthday to my godson, Ryan, for today!


Beck and Rod xxoo