When you think things can’t get any worse they just do! Yesterday Charlotte showed signs of feeling/looking and getting better. She even had a little physiotherapy in her isolation room. But by 12 last night she began vomiting and had diarrhoea again. She was given a needle to stop her from further vomiting. Needless to say that Rod is totally exhausted after his fourth day in isolation. The head nurse wouldn’t let me come in to swap shifts until I had recovered from sharing her bug too.

Madeleine stayed with her Nanny/Dar and my parents drove me home from the hospital because I couldn’t keep anything down either. What a disaster! I was feeling terrible, I felt bad for Rod and was worried about the girls. However, I said to Mum tonight that it was probably good in some small that I got Charlotte’s bug too. I felt so bad which would be only a tenth of what Charlie would have been feeling after having such a huge operation. Just a little reminder for me about how truly tough this is for her. She is one tough little girl. She is still smiling in between feeling horrible, having high temperatures, having her brain operated on and throwing-up.

Concerened about Rod and Charlotte I called the Neurologist, Anni, a lovely lady who checked on Charlotte and Rod today and gave us some information about her recent bloods and tests. She also visited with Erica and Catherine (Nerosurgeons) this evening. Charlotte has a nasty virus called Noro virus which can be quite harmful to the elderly and very young. They are hoping she will start to pick up tomorrow and they may be able to take her off the antibiotic drips on Thursday. All going well, they may even be able to remove her central line, which will make her much more comfortable. She will remain in isolation until after this time.

This week has been our biggest challenge physically, emotionally and mentally. I am sure Rod will write more about his time with Charlotte shortly. We are looking forward to some brighter days. I hope you are all smiling and enjoying happy moments with your loved ones. We miss everyone and look forward to returning home sooner than later.


Beck and Rod xxoo

"Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength." Charlotte will be stronger than Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator!!!!