Rod's last update described one of our really challenging days. Well, one of our really, really challenging days. Subsequently, it goes without saying that it was excruciating for our little Charlotte.

A sleep( as much as you can get when you are in hospital) and a shower each morning help me start the day fresh and with some renewed hope for Charlie. That is all we can really do to help her at this point.

When I arrived at ICU at 6am she was sleeping peacefully. Her IC Nurse, Gerry, has been brilliant. He is an hilarious mix of my Dad(Rob) in looks and the Irish personality of our dear friend, Justin Ryan. All the ICU Nurses have been wonderful - Gayle, Declan, Anne Marie, etc. Gerry had nursed her on his lap for two hours from 3-5am. He had a good night from all the nurses' accounts of the event. After moving all her monitors and drip lines Charlotte slept on my lap from 7 -11 am.

By 1pm they had removed her morpheme line and urine bag. Her right eye is still swollen and closed despite a few attempts to partially open it throughout the day. She is breathing on her own, had no seizures and was sleeping most of the day. A combination of an exhausting previous day, a massive operation and he anti-seizure drugs have made Charlie quite sleepy.

She played peek-a-boo with my Mum which made Mum cry (Dad too) and Dar (Ray) gave her his Bible which was given to him when he left for the Vietnam War. Another emotional day!

Lots of visitors, gifts, food, and love reached us again today. God Bless!

Thanks also to Dave for another meal, breakfast again you good man!

Vanessa has escorted me home again and I am eternally grateful for all our support.

Until tomorrow,

Beck and Rod xxoo