Charlotte has done remarkably well over the past 10 days. Despite a little nausea following chemo she has faired well. However, this week Madeleine has shared her cold and cough with Charlotte who is struggling a little. Rod and I can’t believe her strength. Whilst sporting a nasty cold, cough and mild temperatures she is still playing and quite jovial. The only concern is that she is off her food and for those who know Charlotte that is a big deal!

She had her check-up last Thursday and her bloods were all excellent non neutropenic! We made a trip to emergency on Saturday following a low fever and concern for her leading up to her next round of chemo. However, the lurgy aside, she is still doing quite well.

We have finally settled into a routine at home again and the girls are feeling and behaving better now we are all together. Rod went back to work on Monday and enjoyed getting back to the real world! I think it was easier than being at home with the girls. He has even managed to get a paddle in today joy!

We will endeavour to write a post once a week to let you know how Charlie is traveling at home and how she is coping with chemo. This is going to be a difficult year and we are so grateful for the ongoing support of our family and friends. We are also very grateful to our places of work, Qantas and St Patrick’s College, have really been amazing.

Anyway, I hope you are all enjoying the school holidays and had a relaxing long weekend.

Much love,

Beck and Rod xo