Charlotte's operation went very well. The neurosurgeon has removed all of the tumour that is visible and the operation ONLY took 8 hours. Although this is an entire day operating and under anaesthetic, it was alot shorter than her first operation of 15 hours. As a result, she looks a lot better and hopefully this may mean a quicker recovery.

When we took Charlotte to theatre this morning they had given her a pre-med to relax her but this was not enough for our Charlotte. When they tried giving her the gas mask she put up an almighty fight, kicking and pushing the Doctors away. Similarly, by the time they had wheeled her in to IC she had already woken kicking and punching; and they had to administer four doses of Profol (the Michael Jackson , as Rod calls it!) to settle her down so she would wake gently and not pull out her catheters and central line.

She will be back under a general anaesthetic for a MRI tomorrow morning to analyse the area operated and check for any residual tumour - hopefully none. Anaplastic Ependymoma's can only be cured with follow-up treatments if they are entirely removed.

We were prepared for another 15 hour stint and are so grateful for a much shorter and successful day. The family came prepared with piles of magazines, pillows, blankets, nail files and polish to pass the time away. Thankfully this was not needed.

This is the best news that we have had in over a month. We enjoyed a celebatory drink with the family and will certainly sleep well tonight. Thank you again for all the lovely messages, phone calls and packages for the kids. What wonderful support we have!

Love to you all,

Rod and Beck xo

PS Be assured Rod is not in the COOGEE photo!

PPS Happy 2nd Anniversary Mel and Dave. Dave you are such a romantic!