A big hi to all our supporters and Charlie's fan club,

Well 1 week has passed since our news, in reflection it is still beyond our comprehension to fathom the magnitude of what is unfolding. Beck and I have decided the best way to cope is to get through one day at a time and not to think about all the possible scenarios and their respective repercussions. I urge you all to do the same and please do not research the internet as this is the surest way to be misinformed and upset.

Charlie has had an up and down day fighting off temperature fluctuations, regular blood and urine analysis testing, making it difficult to get sleep. Her sodium levels are on the low side which is apparently common after infiltrating the brain. It is the brain that regulates sodium levels, very important! The elevated temperature indicates a possible infection. Hence, they are keeping her in ICU again tonight, this makes things a lot easier for Beck and I, whilst she is in ICU we have access to a seperate room with a single bed (gold)!!

They have given her somewhat of a facial this evening by cleaning all the tape glue off and removing the bandage from her head. Beck just called to say she seems well settled this evening.

Beck and I are absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of support we are receiving from you all, many of you say "is there anything we can do?" "I wish we could do more". Your messages are all we need right now, every word of support gives us strength which then enables us to pass on the positive energy to our Charlie when we hold her tight(at every opportunity). You are all paramount in the fight we have ahead of us.

Madeleine is fairing reasonably well we think, it is difficult to know how it affects her. She does have the undivided attention of her beloved grand parents. Either Beck or I try to spend an hour or two of quality time with her each day and try to keep her routine as normal as is possible. It is however becoming apparent she is missing us and her little play mate/co-conspirator.

When something like this happens you certainly do change your perspective on life. At this point I ask you all to take time out and express your feelings to your loved ones and devote a little more quality time appreciating the simple wonders of life.


Rod, Beck, Madeleine and Charlotte.