Sorry that we have been slack with the regular updates about Charlotte. She has been out of intensive care and back in the neuro ward for four days now.


The days have been quite slow and difficult for Charlotte. As she improves each day she becomes more agitated by the confines of C1 North. A combination of steroids, antibiotics and anti-seizure       are making her extremely hungry, agitated and wide-wake at night. So, an overtired, ravenous toddler attached to central lines and a drip makes for hourly challenges!


She has spent a number of nights trying to pull the central line from her neck and still frowns and cries at the sight of a nurse or doctor. Thank you for all her toys and balloons, as they have been a much needed distraction. Last night she slept quite soundly and I awoke at 4am in a fright wondering what had happened. So, I sit here at six o'clock writing this new post, bathed, breakfast eaten and ready for another day.


There has been NO word on the pathology but after chats with Erica (neurosurgeon) she will hopefully have some idea of time/results today. She also said that Charlotte could have the central line, which is sown into her neck,removed today and her meds can now be administered orally.


Charlotte has been keen to walk and is able to walk quite well  with some assistance. Prior to the operation her gait mirrored that of Rod's after a night on the drink. All the jokes about her walking style have now dissapated after the realisation that the tumour had caused her so much discomfort. With the removal of the central line today she will start physiotherapy and hopefully begin to build her confidence and develop her gross motor skills, once more.


The Doctors and Nurses are still amazed by Charlie's swift and essentially full recovery after such an intrusive and long surgery. We are hoping that the Novena and well-wishes will help with Charlotte's pathology. The longer we wait the more concerned we are about the nature and type of tumour growing in our little     .


We are missing the moving and changing world out there. I get excited if I see the weather on TV or glance momentarily at the front-page of the newspaper. We hope that you are all well. Here's hoping that everyone at SPC is relaxing post-audit (somewhat)


All the best to the Mitchell's who are off to wonderful Europe for the big 60th bash, our thoughts are with the Pond's whose Al has been back in intensive care and our love to you all for taking the time to keep us in your thoughts daily.


Much love,


Becka nd Rod xxoo