Febrile and with a hideous cough Charlie was still playing with her big sister, however, she was admitted to Emergency yesterday afternoon and was put on a intravenous drip immediately. She is looking somewhat better today but may not be ready for round two of chemo tomorrow. She and Rod are in a lovely and quiet single room up on 3West (respiratory ward) Everyone has been very helpful and despite her predicament she is still giving Rod hell as she tries to climb out of the cot, investigate the toys and pull constantly at a drip line that she doesn’t understand about!

After I left to take Madeleine home this afternoon my Mum sent a text; " Rod asleep in chair, Dad (Rob) asleep on bed and Charlotte asleep in cot. Dad and Rod magical snoring duo" So, there was some peace today! Well, for some!

We will write again when Charlotte begins chemo.


Beck and Rod xo