On top of the vomiting and diarrhea every day with still no sign of a reprieve. Charlotte did manage to have the operation to install a new port on Friday evening after having the Thursday op canceled. Mind you I was called down to the pre op theater at 3pm (already 1hr late) waited in there for 3hrs during which time i was told that the op was likely to be postponed till Monday, at that point I suggested they the might want to call security because I was about to snap. Charlotte was also at breaking point with bouts of punching and gouging me, kicks that would bring Bruce Lee down, blood shrieking screaming, all of time I was wishing I could do the same, she had my full support. There have been a few of these outbursts from Charlie this week and who can blame her. the marvel is when she has recovered from the exhaustive venting, that big beautiful smile that melts your heart come shinning through. Believe me that's all that has gotten Beck and I through this week, the nurses have also been wonderful.

To top this week of, Charlotte's access needle caused more problems tonight, resulting in them having to re-access again with a normal needle type. I had serious concerns when I saw the needle type after the operation last night, it looked like something out of the 1950's, a big chunky stainless steel contraption that looked like it was always going to cause a problem. The distress of having to re-access caused more vomiting.

Hopefully Beck can bring Charlotte home tomorrow given that her Chemo has finished and we have a good week free from hospital.



Quote of the day,

True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost.